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Welcome to Shanghai Trico Barium Salts Business Dept. website.

We are honored to introduce ourselves as one of leading suppliers of barium chloride in China. Our barium chloride dihydrate is used in caustic soda electrolysis, metal heat treatment, pigments, ceramics, medicine, insecticide, made barium salts, tannage, softening agent and purify water etc. We also have 5 co-op manufacturers producing different types of barium sulphate. Our barium sulphate products are widely used in different paint, oil, pigment, printing ink, textile, glass, pottery, wireless industry, paper-making, plastic and rubber products. For your info, recently we have newly produced the high purity grade and electronical chemical grade of barium salts (inc. Sr, strontium oxide, Ba metal, barium oxide, barium carbonate, barium hydroxide&barium nitrate). We are now customized mfg. and producing the high purity kind of barium salts for ceramic of PTC/NTC, precision electronic apparatus, capacitor, resistance, electric components, LCD display, sensor etc. MORE INFO Http://he. chem. ec. cn

We are regularly Selling: barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium meta borate, strontium, barium sulfate, high purity barium, thiourea, barium oxide, barium titanate.

We are regularly Buying: mlcc, electroceramics, ptc, capacitor, ntc, passive components, dielectric materials, electrochemistry, ceramic.

Main Business Activities
Chemicals - Inorganic Chemicals
Chemicals - Dyes, Paints & Inks
Plastics & Rubbers - Plastics And Articles
Machinery & Electronics - Electronic Components

Our Products
Electrical grade/high purity kind barium salts (electronic INDUSTRY)
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Shanghai Trico Barium Salts Business Dept.


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